Bespoke Cleaning Schedules

One of the core foundations of a successful Care Home is the assurance that the environment is well cleaned and sanitisied. A simple goal, but often in practice a more challenging task.

There are often too many cleaning chemicals in use; a potential lack of appreciation as to what products should be used for specific tasks, and inadequate or incomplete cleaning schedules and checklists to provide absolute clarity on tasks and procedures. This situation can be exacerbated by the often fluid nature of housekeeping/janitirial teams meaning the influx of new team members places further strain on the task of ensuring absolute control of the cleaning/sanitising procedures.

One of the core building blocks of resolving these challenges relates to the provision of detailed yet simple cleaning schedules. As part of our service we develop these schedules for all our customers, ensuring that every single room within the home has a comprehensive schedule that gives clarity on every single item found within a particular room. It provides absolute instruction on what to clean; what product to use; the method of cleaning activity; the frequency it should be done; the standard that should be achieved; the tools needed to complete the task, and finally the PPE requirements that should be worn during the procedure. It must be stressed, these schedules are not a general template, they are bespoked and branded to meet the individual requirements of every individual customer, and equally they are not a ‘dictated’ tool, we take fully into account the individual expectations and wishes of each customer, so they end up with a procedure that they feel meets their needs precisely and they are entirely comfortable implementing with their teams.