Colour Coded Product Range

Our experience has shown that there is often significant risk within a Home environment of too many chemical products being used, and inappropriate products being used for specific tasks. Through the myriad of products that are available within the general market place it is very easy for staff to get confused as to what products should be used for a particular cleaning/sanitising routine, and equally within which room environment. A lack of control and good process in this area can lead to poor practice; ineffective sanitising procedure; unneccessary costs, and ultimately lead to compromised infection control discipline.

At Belper Care we have developed a truly unique Cleansing and Sanitising Product Regime that has been tailored specifically to the Care Home environment. This range has notable advantages against all other products in the market for the following reasons:

  1. All Chemical Products have clear Colour Code labelling in line with NHS/CQC guidelines, to ensure the product is used in the correct room environment. This substantially reduces the risk of inappropriate product usage.
  2. The Range width is reduced down to just TWO core products, These two products will cover up to 90% of all the Cleaning and Sanitising requirements required throughout all room environments in the home. Again this substantially simplified product menu reduces the risk of inappropriate and wasteful product usage.
  3. The these two core products have been developed to provide unrivalled cleaning performance whilst also providing absolute sanitising protection against all the known bug and bacteria risk that can be found in the Care Home setting, including Covid 19.
  4. These core products are supplied in concentrate form which delivers unparalleled ‘cost-in-use’ performance for both Trigger spray and Mop bucket cleaning. Typically one litre of Trigger Spray product costs no more the than 20 pence.
  5. These products tie back into the Bespoke Cleaning Schedules ensuring there is absolute procedural clarity, discipline and audit visibility throughout the Housekeeping operation.