Odour Control Management

The eradication of unpleasant odours can be a constant challenge in many Care environments. Numerous products claim to resolve the issue but invariably fail to do so, and furthermore can lead to a build up of pervading chemical and human odours that can become pervasive. The Belper Care Odour Management system works. It has been proven repeatedly across the Care environment to completely eradicate unpleasant odours. The core product is the Odour Neutraliser Biological Enzyme, which as it’s name suggests contains live micro-organisms that devour all the dirt molecules that are the cause of unpleasant odours. The product is entirely safe across all fabrics and surfaces. It is used in conjunction with the Carpet Shampoo and also the Odour Blocker spray, which have in turn been formulated not to kill the enzyme action of the Odour Neutraliser.

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