COSHH Awareness Training

COSHH Awareness Training for all staff who may use or come into contact with any chemcial product used within the Home environment, is a mandatory requirement. Every appropriate staff memeber must undergo training at last once a year, and this needs to be fully auditable.

There are numerous online courses available, with an equally variable charge rate.

At Belper Care we prefer to offer our training programe in person. We have found it so much more productive and valuable to care staff to have formal training sessions held in their work environment, where all the pertinent questions can be asked, and any areas that require deeper clarification can be easily done. This session, which takes approxiamtely 40 minutes, provides absolute clarity for all attendees on the principles of COSHH and the specific relevance it holds for them in their respective duties. Please note these training sessions are provided to existing customers at No Charge.

The content of the Training Session is:

  • Explanation and background to the principles of COSHH
  • The importance of observing all COSHH recommendations within their workplace
  • Detailed explanation of all COSHH warning symbols with reference to local examples.
  • Explanation of First Aid Measures and Disposal requirements
  • How to interpret MSDS sheets (the important must read bits), and what they represent
  • How to use COSHH Assessment Forms

All attendees are provided with a course completion certificate.