Risk Assessment Forms

The duties performed wthin the housekeeping operation are varied, and it is inevitable that in such a busy environment there are a variety of risks apparent. Aside from the obvious hazards of chemical product usage, there are numerous specific activities that if performed in an uncontrolled manor, could significantly raise the likelihood of a hazardous event occurring. By undergoing detailed Risk Assessment analysis of these activities the chance of such accidents or incidents occurring will be notably reduced. We provide the required training and guidance on how to develop these Risk Assessment forms, and ensure that all appropriate staff are conversant with them. Whether it entails following correct procedures in managing a Laundry Chemical switch over, to safely Mopping floors, there will be a process to follow that minimises the risk of a hazard event occurring to either staff, residents or visitors to the home. We provide this invaluable training service along with appropriate templates to all our customers, and do so Free of Charge.