COSHH Assessment Forms

COSHH Assessment Forms, not to be confused with Risk Assessment Forms, provide staff with a really useful document that clarifies in an easily readable format what the inherent COSHH hazards are for a particular chemical product. It is well understood that a home must have by law the Manufacturers Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all chemical products used within the home environment. The trouble with MSDS documents is that they can often be over 10 pages long, and a large proportion of the information provided is not relevant or easily understood. We therefore provide our customers with COSHH Assessment Forms in addition to the MSDS sheets for all chemical products used.

COSHH Assessment Forms provide far greater clarity to the user of all the potential Hazards; the First Aid Measures; the required usage of the product; who can access/use the product; storage instructions; disposal instructions, and PPE requirements. All this information is provided on just two pages with all the unnecessary information evident on an MSDS sheet removed. It is a user friendly document that allows the home to tailor to their specific needs and procedures. Though not mandatory at this stage, it is a document that is often desired by inspection bodies. Furthermore it can can become an integral part of the overall training suite for Housekeeping staff. It is important to stress that this document is not ‘instead of’ an MSDS document, it is in addition to.

Again the provision of these documents and the associated training is provided Free of Charge to all customers.

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