Harvest Healthcare Woburn Ultra Low Profiling Bed no side rails

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The Woburn Ultra-Low bed is a unique system, which allows the platform to be lowered to as little as 67mm from ground level. Being able to lower to just 67mm from floor level, the bed is built for use without the need of side rails. Should the user be inclined to roll whilst in bed, and potentially fall, the bed reduces impact and allows the user to safely roll onto the floor, or a fall mat. The Trendelenburg Function is supplied with the bed as standard, which allows the user to be positioned upright if necessary. This feature can create a seated effect if applied with the knee break. Maximum patient weight 29 stone. Height adjustable from 67mm up to 640mm.

As with all Harvest Healthcare products, quality construction is paramount, evidenced by the 5 year warranty which is unrivalled elsewhere in the market.

If required this bed can be extended in length for the taller patient.