Wireless Chair and Bed Sensor Pad Package

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This cutting edge Wireless system holds substantial advantages compared to the more traditional Wired systems.  It eliminates unsightly and potentially hazardous  trailing wires, thereby providing a much safer environment for both staff, residents and visitors. Additional monitoring units (eg Bed Sensor Pad, Floor Sensor Mat, or Nurse Call Pendant) can be added to the same Wireless Monitor, which makes the system very cost efficient.

This package includes the Wireless Monitor (which plugs into the Nurse Call room socket); Wireless Chair Pad, Wireless Bed Pad and Wireless transmitter dongles (these attach to the Chair Pad and Bed Pad and transmit to the Wireless Monitor). It is advisable to also purchase the Mains Adapter Pack; 9 Volt back-up battery, and Nurse Call Lead (this connects the Wireless Monitor into the room Nurse Call socket

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