Unistix 3 Finger Lancet 1.8mm

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SKU: MCS1045
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Unistik© 3: Control at your fingertips

Unistik© 3 single-use sterile safety lancets provide an easy and convenient way to perform capillary blood sampling.

A simple one-click action activates the lancet allowing the Health Care Professional to choose exactly when the lancet will activate. Unistik© 3 also features a clear alignment guide which means you can be certain where you place the lancet. Unistik© 3 means you stay in control of the sampling experience.

The Unistik© 3 single-use safety lancet range offers a choice of five different depth and gauge specifications for use across all clinical environments and blood sampling requirements.

The Unistik© 3 Neonatal safety lancet is a puncture blade device designed for comfortable neonatal heel sampling.