Guardflex Clear Vinyl Powder Free Gloves. Case 10 x box/100

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  • AQL 1.5 – Produced by GuardFlex, these disposable vinyl gloves are made to the highest quality standard for vinyl gloves.
  • LATEX & PROTEIN FREE – Disposable Vinyl Gloves are made from a Latex Free material. Most cases of allergic contact dermatitis are triggered by a protein in latex. Allergies can develop over time, caused by sustained use of latex.
  • Fastening: Pull On
  • POWDER FREE – By using a chemical method of smoothing the inside of these gloves, these gloves are still easy to put on and take off, even without powder. The powder commonly found in other rubber gloves can be a cause of contamination in sensitive environments.
  • AMBIDEXTROUS & BEADED CUFF – Each glove you find in a pack will be identical, so you can wear them on either hand. The beaded cuff offers drip protection for the forearm and increased glove strength

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