C1s The Solution Kitchen Sanitiser SC 5 Litre

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Powerful Cleaner Sanitiser
Fragrance Free
Effective sanitiser which reduces the risk of cross-contamination and food poisoning
Effective against bacteria, enveloped viruses and Norovirus – Tested to EN 1276 and EN 14476

Ideal for janitorial trade, hospitals, schools, gymnasia, changing rooms, kitchens, restaurants, bars etc. Food industry, bakers, brewers, confectioners, meat processing plant, food storage areas, delivery vehicles etc. Animal handling, animal housing, agricultural buildings, abattoirs, mortuaries. N.B. Remove gross contamination before cleaning. Food safe-independent reports conclude the product is suitable for non-rinsing applications. Independently tested to EN 1276 on a wide range of bacteria. Excellent cleaning power on all food types including animal fats, vegetable oils, starches and proteins. Environmentally friendly.

dose 1 pump (10ml) from dispenser into refill trigger spray bottle filled with water to line.
Allow 30s contact time for bacteria and enveloped viruses
Wipe/Mop over surface with clean cloth/mop